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PUBG Mobile Player Stories Video Series Assembles The Dream Team

The story of one aspiring esports competitor continues to unfold

Following the debut of the first episode in a live-action video series centered around the real-life stories of its players, PUBGM Mobile is back with the second episode. This time, Charlie – A.K.A “Joanne,” or our unsung hero in the first episode – now steps into the spotlight.

Reliving his journey and the ups and downs of trying to become the next big esports star in the PUBG Mobile space, the inklings of a dream team slowly form as different individuals brought together by the game start to understand the significance of each other.

If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, the video series will resonate on at least some level, with players from all over the world enjoying themselves in one of the biggest battle royale games out there. Be sure to stay tuned for more episodes of this video series in the coming weeks.

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