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PUBG Mobile Player Stories Finale Shines the Spotlight on the Love of the Game

The story comes full circle as Sarah and Antoine’s journey is revealed

The celebration of its players continues with the final episode of the PUBGM Mobile Player Stories video series.

Focusing on Sarah, the latest member of the dream team, we finally see the long journey both in-game and in real life of how she met the man of her dreams through PUBG Mobile.

Overcoming physical distance, time differences, and the realities of a global pandemic, the power of the game to bring people together from all over the world have never been clearer.

For fans of PUBG Mobile, the video series would not have been possible without you. As PUBG Mobile celebrates its fourth anniversary, we will be sharing more amazing player stories. After all, our players have made PUBG Mobile one of the biggest and most popular games to ever exist.

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