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PUBG Mobile Bring Player Stories to Life in Live-action Video Series

Celebrating the players for who they are and what they love

As one of the biggest mobile games around, PUBG Mobile is always looking for ways to further engage its audience. A new live-action video series, shares players’ own stories as they celebrate their love for the free-to-play battle royale.

With stories collated by the publishing and development team, the series serves as a love letter to fans and players and creates yet another avenue to introduce the game to those who have not yet picked it up.

The first episode of the series is live, focusing on a jaded older gentleman named Ryan and his nephew, Charlie. The steady exposure to the gaming world through PUBG Mobile ignites Ryan’s love of life – and Christmas – once more. His journey away from “bah, humbug,” is aided by the encouragement of his nephew, who pretends – virtually – to be “Joanne,” the old man’s first love (with PUBG Mobile, of course, his second love).

It is an admittedly different way of looking at the impact of video games across age groups and demographics. More importantly, it’s inspired by the real-life experiences of the very people who enjoy PUBG Mobile on a regular basis.

The video series will unfold over the next several weeks.

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