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Rubilia Electrifies Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Roster in Exhilarating Style

Hailing from the Confounding Abyss, the newest Simulacrum bolstering the Tower of Fantasy roster is Rubilia, the former head of the Listener Project. An adept researcher who has mastered the power of the Grayspace Entities, she is a formidable damage dealer with the Crystamax Thorns.

Her mysterious weapon, Lost Art, is capable of substantial amounts of burst damage, striking foes with multiple hits that slice with deadly precision, and allows her to soar high into the air to avoid enemies or surprise unsuspecting victims.

Rubilia’s Skills and Mechanisms in Tower of Fantasy

The main mechanism of Rubilia in Tower of Fantasy, the Crystamax Thorns, are powerful and versatile tools of destruction. A trio of menacing thorns is created from the first discharge skill, and two more are added when the discharge skill is used again within 150 seconds.

While dealing additional damage, these thorns gradually lose HP when weapon skills are used, By dodging, Rubiliia can restore the Thorns’ HP, which results in more sustained damage.

Rubilia’s weapon skill, Field, is able to control enemies’ positions in an area. When used, Field pulls nearby targets together for a serious beatdown. This ability also allows Rubilia to dash 10 times, with each dash depleting 10% of HP from the Thorns, all while dealing extra damage.

Rubilia’s discharge skill, Harrah’s Embrace, gives her increased Volt damage for 30 seconds as well. During this time, hitting an enemy will give her an additional dodge attempt and 2 charges of Feedback, fully empowering the damage cycle that will spell doom for incoming threats.

Rubilia’s Key Star Mechanics in Tower of Fantasy

Her 1-star effect causes the Crystamax Thorns to deal damage to nearby targets every 2 seconds for 30 seconds after triggering feedback. When paired with Field that pulls enemies closer together, the amount of damage output can be staggering.

At 3-star, using a weapon or discharge skill will add one more Thorn to the battlefield for even more damage. Rubilia’s 5-star effect causes the Feedback effect to recover 50% of the Thorns’ HP, amplifying the sustained damage that will be very helpful for all teams.

Rubilia makes for a perfect pair with Fenrir in Tower of Fantasy, as playing both characters can result in increased destructive capabilities and severely crippling area-of-effect attacks. Fiona can even join the fray with Wellspring or Torrential Force. Timing is key when using Rubilia’s weapon skills, and mastery of these aspects can lead to an overwhelming victory on the battlefield.

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