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Sci-Fi Heist Mayhem Arrives With 10 Chambers’ Den of Wolves

10 Chambers, the Swedish studio behind hardcore first-person cooperative shooter GTFO, has revealed its latest project Den of Wolves. Announced at The Game Awards 2023, the new heist game will bring the team back to its roots, game director Ulf Andersson unveiled on stage.

This comes on the back of the studio’s teasers that they’re “back on that heist sh*t”, with few other details.

“Coming from having worked on heist games in the past, much focusing on the classic bank robbery themes, the sci-fi aspect will let us elevate what a heist can be,” said Andersson. “You can only rob so many banks. Den of Wolves will have a wider range of heisting—corporate espionage, sabotage, assassinations—really, the sci-fi theme lets us try many things.”

The action will take place in the location of Midway City. An unregulated innovation metropolis in the North Pacific Ocean, it was founded by big corporations in the wake of deep learning AI that became an unstoppable hacking tool, collapsing global economies and putting the dollar into free fall.

With the world in desperate need of a revolution in the field of network security, powerful investment firms backed by Big Pharma and the oil industry developed an entirely new data transmission and storage concept: biological systems based on the human brain—so fundamentally different from traditional network architecture they were completely inaccessible to AI.

With new frontiers come opportunities, and players will get to experience it all in Den of Wolves, putting them on the path to underground infamy.

Den of Wolves has been in pre-production for over two years, and much time has been spent building the world and the narrative surrounding it.

“The game isn’t open-world, but we still value worldbuilding enormously, and the narrative we’ve built around the island is vast. We want Midway City to feel like a believable city of the near future, where late-stage capitalism has gone rampant and corporations set the rules,” noted Simon Viklund, co-founder, and narrative and audio director. “As a player, you reside in the city’s underground domains without any real identity or papers, building your allegiances to become a criminal entrepreneur on Midway City’s black market of gig jobs.”

While Den of Wolves will be released first on PC on Steam in Early Access, it is also being designed and developed for consoles as well.

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