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Solo players’ turn to shine in NBA Infinite’s Championship Chase update

NBA Infinite has launched its new Championship Chase update, bringing a new solo mode and other content to players.

The Hoop Hustle mode is designed to allow solo players to test their mettle against the server in 5v5 matches. Players will get to activate their team’s Finisher Skills in this mode, which charge up over the course of the match and allow players to execute a dramatic offensive or defensive move to change the course of the game. 

Along with the new mode, the update will come with new player cards featuring Playoff versions of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Tyrese Haliburton, along with Epic and Rare cards for Paolo Banchero, Anthony Edwards, Evan Fournier, Mikal Bridges, and Alperen Şengün.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander comes with increased speed and agility to execute stop-and-go drives from behind for both straightforward breakthroughs and change-of-direction penetrations. Tyrese Haliburton’s ball-handling effects allow players to execute sharp offensive plays, assisting teammates in quick pick-and-rolls or pop-outs.

Train up with Power Up

A new training feature called Power Up will allow players to get advice on player and lineup development as well as to quickly access active events. The feature also includes an NBA Infinite gameplay guide that explains game mechanics, helping players discover the growth paths and materials needed to upgrade their NBA stars. 

The game’s Dynasty Mode has some new features too, including a new defense button that allows players to disrupt sideline free throws. Players can now swap tactics during matches too, amping up the pace of a match.

For beginners, NBA Infinite has refined the onboarding guide for the mode, and a new Dynasty Training Camp feature will also let players try out operational and tactical moves so they can learn the ins and outs of the game more quickly.

For full details on all the changes and improvements, check out the Championship Chase patch notes.

NBA Infinite is made by Lightspeed Studios and published by Level Infinite. Get it on iOS and Android.

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