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Staying Alive & Extracting a Fortune in The Cycle: Frontier

Get better at the extraction shooter with a bit of help

As one of the latest additions to the multiplayer extraction shooter genre, YAGER’s The Cycle: Frontier has some stiff competition; however, the combination of a gorgeous battlefield in Fortuna III and PvPvE elements makes for a fun time. For those looking to join the off-world festivities, there are just some basic survival skills to get right.

The Circle of Life

Unlike conventional battle royale games, time spent in The Cycle: Frontier is entirely up to the player. Drop in, achieve the goals for the day, and get out; players get to decide just what they want to do and when to leave. This freedom and flexibility allow players to make their fun and get rewarded for progression made, big or small, as long as they survive.

Gearing Up

Equipment matters, and preparation is key to survival, even at the risk of losing them following a death. Protective equipment is a must, and so are medical supplies. As for weapons, a gun without ammo is useless, so pack accordingly. 

For those worried about losing a particular piece of essential gear, insuring items either through Standard Insurance (receive compensation in K-Marks) or Gear Salvage Insurance (possibility of the item returning) will be helpful.

Map Reading

The Cycle: Frontier features two maps for players to choose from at the start, and these locations are further broken up into tiers that offer loot of varying quality balanced with PvE threat levels. New players should stick to Bright Sands to get a taste of things from Tier 1 to 4 before venturing into the dangers of Crescent Falls for Tier 3 to 5 to go even further.

Efficiency Trumps All

At any given time, players might find themselves with multiple faction quests, and it would be wise to remember that a single match is not the best way to finish them all. Instead, plan the most effective route that makes quests easier to complete while also leading to the nearest extraction point. Focusing will reduce the risk of death and loss, and ensure rewards keep coming.

Taking In The Sights

Exploration is essential in The Cycle: Frontier, but doing so blindly is a quick route to an unfortunate end. Keep in mind the following:

  • Stamina affects running, jumping, and even melee attacks. Run out and heavy breathing can alert enemies. Stand still to recover stamina quickly, or take a slow walk to keep moving with slower regeneration.
  • Fall damage makes all elevation dangerous; take the longer and safer path to avoid unnecessary hurt.
  • Patience can pay off in The Cycle: Frontier, so be strategic when exploring. For example, stay silent by crouch-walking, and watch for movement before making a move.
  • Storms are terrifying, as they can impair hearing, lower visibility, and cause considerable damage with lightning strikes. So find cover as soon as you can.

Looting & Shooting

Be it PvE or PvP, maintaining combat discipline can make a difference. Before every encounter, it is wise to take into account the surroundings. Avoid combat when possible, and if not, elevation can be beneficial against the local fauna. Intelligent movement and stealth are distinct advantages when facing others, even against squads, and fully use grenades and shotguns up close.

Pick quests with great rewards, prioritize a Faction’s progression, improve your gear through the Gear Printer and attachments, and be patient. This way, the riches of Fortuna III will always be there for you.

The Cycle: Frontier is available now on Steam.

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