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Stunlock Shows Off First Gameplay For V Rising Expansion Secrets of Gloomrot

With the Secrets of Gloomrot expansion coming to V Rising on May 17, eager vampires hoping to learn more about the game now has new information to devour. Creators Stunlock Studios has released a brand new gameplay trailer, diving deeper into the new biome that is Gloomrot in V Rising.

Moving away from Vardoran, the new location will feature polluted valleys and lightning-scorched highlands, where mutated experiments and mechanical wonders coexist in an uneasy peace. The twisted imagination of the Trancendum can be seen everywhere in Gloomrot, and players will have to navigate a new gauntlet of threats in order to carve out a living of their own.

As part of the new attractions, those seeking more power will need to hunt down the blood of the brilliant yet insane individuals found residing in Gloomrot, allowing for the harnessing of the power of lightning that will usher in a new age of technology in V Rising.

The map size of Gloomrot will be one of the biggest in the entire game, coming in at almost the size of the entire Dunley Farmlands, and the extra room makes for some new options for players. The improved castle building that allows for multiple floors will fit in well, as will the ability to claim castle territories to keep out others. Added customization options are also on the cards for those who wish to make a bigger mark on the world.

Out in the wild, a total of 13 additional bosses now roam the lands, and combat will be more diverse with the arrival of a new spell school and new weapon types. The jewel system also adds modifications to spells, further giving vampires the ability to cater to their playstyle in V Rising, be it in Vardoran or Gloomrot.

The Secrets of Gloomrot will drop in V Rising this coming May 17.

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