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Stunlock Details the Journey of V Rising To Full Release

Community feedback will be key to helping the team build out its master vision

Stunlock Studios’ V Rising continues to attract players and interest even in its early state of release, soaring to over one million copies sold in the past week, and the developers are ready to share what comes next.

“The release of V Rising has been met with overwhelming support, and we really can’t thank you all enough for joining us on this journey… and it will be a journey. Opening into Early Access is the first step we’re taking on the misty road to the game’s full release,” the team stated.

Even with the positive reception, the game is far from being done, and Stunlock will look to add even more to the experience. That will take both time and a lot of work, especially as the early success allows the team a chance to open up their scope and take in more of the community’s needs and wants.

This will begin with even more bug fixes, balance changes, server optimization, and quality of life improvements. The Stunlock team will be analyzing all the data and feedback received in the last few weeks of Early Access and beyond, crafting and tweaking the master plan moving forward.

With time, players can look forward to “more weapons to wield, loot to plunder, and sorcery to conjure.” More V Blood bosses will lie in wait, and there will be even more lands to conquer and increased ways to enhance the castle estate as V Rising heads towards full release.

For now, there will be less frequent dev updates coming players’ way, as the team continues to work hard behind the scenes to deliver an eternally entertaining experience.

V Rising is now available on Steam Early Access.

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