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SYNCED Available Now on PC

Get ready for intense PvE and PvP encounters with the release of SYNCED for PC on Steam and Epic Games Store! Developed by NExT Studios and published by Level Infinite, SYNCED transports players to the Meridian, a devastated zone populated with deadly Nanos – former humans transformed by nanotechnology gone tragically awry. Players will take on the role of Runners – brave fortune-hunters searching the Meridian for Nerva, a valuable nano-energy substance.

SYNCED features three-player co-operative gameplay, with Runners able to increase their squad size by syncing with Prime Nanos and turning them into deployable Companion Nanos. Runners will be able to strategically utilise their Companion Nano’s skills to compliment their play style and turn the tide of the battle.

For those who enjoy being a lone wolf, SYNCED offers a Solo Mode for players who want to take on the challenges of the Meridian on their own as well.

Companion Nanos are just one way players can adapt their build in SYNCED. During each run players will find exchange machines allowing them to acquire random power-ups known as Exchange Mods – these expire at the end of each run but provide welcome, albeit temporary power boosts. Additional loot dropped by defeated enemies can be taken back to Haven, the Runners’ base, and permanently equipped as Runner Mods. Both temporary and permanent mods draw from the same pool. Equipping Runner mods will not only give players a pre-set loadout but also increase their power level, making them stronger for the threats that lay deeper within the Meridian.

Guntech for weapons are another way for players to define their style – these weapons are unlocked during gameplay and come with special features altering the mechanics of regular firearms and adding unique features such as the “Vicious Cycle” which recalls all fired bullets on a reload dealing additional damage on their way back.

The development team at NExT is hard at work crafting new Runners, Nanos, maps and more to ensure a steady flow of future content for the Season 1 update coming soon after the launch of SYNCED on PC.

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