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SYNCED Kicks Off Closed Beta Test

A different kind of shooter experience awaits

An ongoing closed beta test for NExT Studios’ SYNCED: Off-Planet is giving players a taste of what to expect from the eagerly awaited game and a chance to offer valuable feedback to developers before they move into the final stages of their build.

Starting April 12, players were able to jump into a futuristic world and engage in firefights bolstered by the addition of game-changing Nanos, companion classes that provide a variety of buffs and utility. As more people play the game, the more feedback the development team will have to improve it further.

Here’s what awaits eager Runners in the Closed Beta Test of SYNCED: Off-Planet:

Fight With A Companion Nano
Join the combat as a Runner and fight against enemies together with a Synced Nano, a mighty, relentless, and trusted companion.

Strengthen Across Battles
Loot from fallen enemies or scramble for nano resources against other players. Upgrade items utilizing scarce resources earned in every game round for a better chance of survival.

Personalized Combat
Players are free to choose their favorite Runner and Synced Nano, and customize and upgrade their gears, weapons, and chips. Within any given round, players will be buffed by a variety of chips to enable different sets of skills and abilities.

Eager to give it a shot? Join the official Discord channel of SYNCED: Off-Planet to gain access to the Closed Beta Test. SYNCED: Off-Planet is also available for wishlisting now on Steam, and will launch sometime in 2022.

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