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Meet the Nanos – The Core of SYNCED

Teamwork and technology are key to victory

Enjoying video games doesn’t have to be a solo affair. That’s what NExT Studios is counting on for its upcoming cooperative third-person shooter, SYNCED: Off-Planet, wit the inclusion of Nanos.

Set in the techno-apocalyptic future, players will square off against enemy teams in squads of three, with multiple game modes designed to show off the fast-paced action where the environment, your team and the Nanos make the difference.

The Nanos are enemies first, but once defeated, they transform into companion classes that aid players in combat. From brick walls with attitudes to clairvoyant scouts, each Nano brings a different dynamic to suit your playing style, and it’s up to players to determine the best strategy to tackle the obstacles at hand.

The flexibility extends beyond the current match, with SYNCED: Off-Planet providing the means for players to upgrade their weapons and gear in between matches and unlock more skills via interaction with other survivors and their Nanos.

For those seeking a more narrative-driven time, SYNCED: Off-Planet also features a story that grows with the player. Progression through matches will bring opportunities to meet new survivors and learn new information, and eventually, the knowledge of how society’s greatest innovation went wrong will become clear.

SYNCED: Off-Planet is available for wishlisting now on Steam, and will launch sometime in 2022.

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