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Tencent Invests in Indie Studio Exit Plan Games

Tech giant’s latest investment secures studio’s future and financial stability

Poland’s Exit Plan Games said Tencent has joined in the latest investment round backing the studio, providing access to global resources and support.

The team is working on the studio’s first title, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, an oddball 3D platforming game with a collect-a-thon spin.

“Naturally, Tencent is not just an investor. It has extensive know-how in games that can help a small indie game developer like us with everything from testing to localization or even publishing. This was an opportunity that we could not pass up, and we were genuinely very impressed they noticed us among all the indie developers out there,” said Monnier, who is also Exit Plan’s design director.

“With our team still growing, it’s great to have the peace of mind that we have the necessary funds to be able to complete Bang-On Balls: Chronicles and start planning our next title. There is also the possibility that Tencent can help us reach key Asian markets, which is one of our goals.”

Exit Plan Games is a small group of game developers in Warsaw, Poland, with years of experience in the AAA industry, helping to create the likes of The Witcher 3Gears of War, and Cyberpunk 2077. The studio said it hopes to deliver new video games with fresh concepts that are easy to pick up and enjoy.

Visit Exit Plan Games for more information about the studio and its games.

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