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The Cycle: Frontier Arms up for Preseason Starting June 8

Season 1 follows on June 22 with the new Fortuna Pass

Yager’s The Cycle: Frontier will soon begin its preseason event starting on June 8 for PC on both Steam and Epic Games Store.

Over 900,000 players have experienced the unique PvPvE experience of the highly dynamic sci-fi world, and the preseason event will see more players join up as the free-to-play title goes live on both store platforms.

It all leads up to the official launch of Season 1 on June 22. Players can look forward to the full suite of in-game items and rewards contained in the new edition of the Fortuna Pass, The Cycle’s exclusive season pass, as they battle and find their fortune.

The game is available now on Steam to add to your wishlist, be sure to join in the preseason for The Cycle: Frontier to get a head start.

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