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The Cycle: Frontier Season 1 Gets Underway

YAGER’s PvPvE extraction shooter’s Season 1 is available now on Steam and Epic Games Store

Season 1 debut of YAGER’s first-person extraction shooter The Cycle: Frontier is here, free to play today on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Experience a high-stakes mix of PvE and PvP action on your own or with friends in a dynamic sci-fi world featuring persistent maps and seamless matchmaking. Season 1 starts on June 22, delivering the full suite of items and rewards coming in the new edition of the Fortuna Pass.

Fortuna III Awaits

The time to drop down onto the surface and fill the pockets with treasures and resources is now. Be wary though, only those who make it out alive are allowed to keep the spoils. Keep an eye out for bloodthirsty beasts and greedy players – or set out to actively hunt those and steal their hard-earned prizes.

Secure a seat on the nearest evac ship to safeguard the loot. Upgrade gear, purchase new equipment, and complete faction-based contracts to increase gains and unlock new combat options. Prospecting is a risky venture, but greed is sometimes rewarded by the promise of glory. After all, fortune favors the bold in the eye of the storm, especially in Season 1 of The Cycle: Frontier.

Greater Risk, Greater Rewards

The life of a Prospector is full of danger, but any extra peril is sure to be worth it. Players can go it alone or team up, and always remember, the more valuable your haul, the bigger the risk. Tread recklessly and risk attracting the attention of a pack of sneaky Striders or a monstrous Crusher. Cause too much noise fending off the wildlife and teams might give away their position to another trigger-happy player. Remember, losers come home empty-handed, so watch out.

Drop Down at a Moment’s Notice

Map instances stay open for several hours, so Prospectors can drop to the planet’s surface at any time as long as the storm is not raging. This means no waiting in a queue for other players – just drop onto the surface and the adventure begins. Be prepared for a constant ebb and flow of threats and opportunities as others get taken out or evacuate, and watch out for the new arrivals.

A World of Treacherous Beauty

Fortuna III is a lush, mysterious planet on the edge of the galaxy. Once prized for its natural resources, it was ravaged by the Cycle, a radioactive storm that quickly wiped-out civilization, leaving behind ghost settlements and forcing survivors to retreat to the orbiting station. The storm is still a threat and yet the surface is full of spoils and treasures, so decide between hunkering down to survive the stormy night or using this risky opportunity to look for rare materials.

Calm Above the Storm

Returning to the relative safety of Prospect Station will allow players to secure their spoils and turn in any completed contracts. Use the newfound resources to improve personal quarters with permanent upgrades and purchase new equipment, and tune up favorite weapons with a neat array of mods, before gearing up with the perfect tools for the next drop. This may not be a corner of paradise but it’s home.

The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play PvPvE extraction shooter driven by suspense and danger. Prospect for resources and other riches on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a deadly storm, inhabited by monsters, and frequently raided by other ambitious Prospectors.

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