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The Devastating DJ Fenrir Joins Tower of Fantasy

The battlefields of Hotta Studio‘s Tower of Fantasy are set to get musical, as the DJ known as Fenrir will bring her cuteness and powerful abilities to the fore

Armed with the Volt-type weapon, Gleipnir, Fenrir delivers seven-hit combos with ease both on the ground and in mid-air with the ability to knock back or suspend enemies at key junctures. Her Menacing Hunt combo grants the DJ temporary invincibility, and she has more tricks up her sleeves in the air.

Fenrir Skills in Tower of Fantasy

With music a key component of her character, Fenrir possesses the passive ability of Reverberation in Tower of Fantasy. By using normal or combo attacks, musical notes are placed upon the targets, which can then be detonated to devastating effect with either Trailing Note or Melody. The damage multiplier, especially at three or more notes, is significant, with the further benefit of dealing damage over time.

Her weapon skill, Su-Paw-Star, creates a Songworld, an area-of-effect buff that reduces damage taken by 8% and ignores 20% of enemies’ defenses. The toughest enemy caught inside the area will also take twice the damage, with the Consciousness effect generating a passive copy of the foe that can be attacked. All damage is then transferred to the main body for even more hurt.

At the same time, Fenrir recovers HP equal to half of her attack with each hit, while the enemy’s offense is blunted. Finally, when the passive copy returns to the main body, it will trigger an area damage explosion. As for Fenrir’s discharge skill, Awoooo! deals massive damage to targets in the area and places three musical notes on them. The temporary invincibility will ensure players stay alive while their opponents get a rude awakening.

Fenrir Key Star Rating Effects

At 1-star, Fenrir gains a new skill in the form of Aural Fever. This allows any chain of multiple attacks to inflict slow with each hit and gain recovery for the heroine, and if the last hit lands, two more musical notes are added to set things up further.

At 3-star, Songworld gets a boost in conjunction with Aural Fever. Fenrir will trigger multiple Songworld Quakes that deal high area damage as she attacks and grants invulnerability.

Combat Strategy with Fenrir in Tower of Fantasy

With her unique traits and skills, Fenrir is great in a team lineup of Tian Lang and Nemesis. With two DPS-type weapons equipped, Attack Resonance will increase final damage tremendously, while the Elemental Resonance for a Volt team enhances elemental damage and resistance.

By combining the effects of Songworld, Aural Fever, and the musical notes of Fenrir, the damage potential of the newest addition of Tower of Fantasy will be music to the ears of players everywhere.

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