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The Game Awards 2023 – The Level Infinite Roundup

With 2023 ending, there was still time for one big gaming event to prepare the gaming world for what is to come in the near future. Level Infinite joined other gaming industry giants at The Game Awards 2023 to showcase several exciting projects in the works, with the spotlight on partner studios Sharkmob and 10 Chambers.


A tactical open-world extraction shooter coming from Sharkmob, the action in Exoborne unfolds in the middle of a world ripped apart by apocalyptic forces of nature. Players join the fight as the Reborn, survivors fitted with implants enabling them to use powerful Exo-Rigs.

Face off against fierce environmental elements as well as the threat of other players, with plenty of advanced tech to be secured to gain the upper hand in future encounters. The catch is that only those who survive can reap the rewards, and that’s no easy task when the world is a danger in itself.

As revealed at The Game Awards 2023, Exoborne is in active development for PC and consoles.

Den of Wolves

10 Chambers, the studio behind hardcore first-person cooperative shooter GTFO, has a new project in the form of Den of Wolves, a heist experience that blends sci-fi elements with its innovative take on being a criminal.

Players will enter Midway City, an unregulated innovation metropolis in the North Pacific Ocean created by big corporations. With new frontiers come fresh opportunities, and players will get to experience it all in Den of Wolves, putting them on the path to underground infamy as the story continues to evolve with time.

Den of Wolves will be released first on PC on Steam in Early Access, and it is also being designed and developed for consoles as well.

GTFO Rundown 8.0

Dropping at the same time as its reveal at The Game Awards 2023, the final chapter of GTFO will see players attempt to survive the horrors of the free Rundown 8.0: Duality expansion. The 12th major content update for the tactical co-op horror game, this latest addition brings the total number of expeditions in GTFO to more than 80 terrifying scenarios for veterans to sink their teeth into.

The launch of the Rundown 8.0: Duality update for GTFO concludes a seven-year-long journey for 10 Chambers, with attention now turning towards the new project, Den of Wolves.

However, the game will continue to receive support in the form of bug fixes. Previously released Rundown content updates are also freely accessible and will remain available to the game’s existing fanbase and new players alike.

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