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The Honor of Kings 2024 Esports Roadmap

With the imminent global launch of its hit, Honor of Kings in 2024, TiMi Studios is set to up its commitment to growing the global esports scene.

Sharing an early look at the roadmap for 2024, Jan M. Jahnke, the lead for global esports products at Level Infinite, said: “At the core of our ecosystem, we’ll be focusing on you, the player, and teams around the world. Our plan is to invest US$15 million to build an international esports ecosystem.

“This system will include local and global tournaments specifically designed for our different regions, aiming to give more players and teams the opportunity to participate in our esports programs.”

This announcement follows last year’s establishment of the Honor of Kings pro league in Brazil, where we also hosted the game’s first-ever official tournament back in 2022.

As more regions get unlocked, TiMi Studios also plans to host additional professional tournaments across the globe, to provide a platform for teams to compete and qualify for the Global Invitational Series.

Countdown to March: The Honor of Kings Global Invitational Series

The first season of this premier competition will kick off with the Intercontinental Invitational this coming March in Istanbul, Turkey.

We’ll share more details about the second season in the coming months.

In the summer, competitive players can look forward to the mid-season invitational with a US$1 million prize pool up for grabs. The event will see the debut of the new King Pro League dream team, made up of the best players in the Honor of Kings esports scene in China, going head-to-head with the rest of the world.

All of the action will lead to the Honor of Kings Championship Invitational at the end of 2024, where the premier teams and players will square off for the biggest prize on the biggest stage.

“It’s a lot to take in, and I am excited to be part of creating this journey for all of our fans and players around the world. 2024, to global honor!” said Jahnke.

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