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The Must-Do Daily Checklist in Tower of Fantasy

All in a day’s work

Every day, Tower of Fantasy offers fresh activities that deliver new challenges and rewards to help grow your character, follow this daily checklist to ensure every trip to Aida gets off to a flying start.


Open the Adventure tab by clicking on the crossed swords icon in the top right of the screen. In the Recommended section, you can sign in and grab a small reward. This can be done once a day, every day.

Daily Supply Box

Hit up the Shop screen, then click through to the Daily Supply Box section. While the listed supply boxes can be purchased with Tanium, one supply box can be claimed each day for free. Click on the box icon just below Mia to pocket your reward as part of your daily checklist in Tower of Fantasy.

Mia’s Kitchen

Return to the Recommended section of the Adventure tab to find Mia’s kitchen. Here she’ll be only too happy to cook some food for you that will boost your abilities for the duration of the day. She can only cook three times per day at certain times, so be sure to eat when you can.

Daily Bounties

Back in the Adventure tab is the list of daily bounties. These four tasks typically require a specific enemy to be defeated or a certain number of items to be collected. Follow the convenient map markers to each, and completing all four bounties should only take around 10-15 minutes. 

Note that the daily bounties are only unlocked once the first chapter of the story has been completed, so come back often as part of your daily checklist in Tower of Fantasy.

Hopkins’ Gift

Hopkins hangs out in the Black Market, and once a day, he will have a new gift for players to collect. Next to him are two crates labelled with question marks; pick one, and its contents are revealed. Hopkins’ gifts often contain special items to give to a Simulacrum, making his shady corner of the world a must-visit when seeking to awaken their full potential.

Claw Machine

On Cetus Island, there is a claw machine, and it’s possible to play it up to three times a day. Use the arrows to position the claw, then hit the button to let it descend and try to grab an item in its precarious grip. This is a great way to obtain some of the rarer special items to gift to a Simulacrum.

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