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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Revs up for Upcoming Technical Test

The asymmetrical horror experience that is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will soon initiate its Technical Test, which kicks off on Thursday, May 25, and will last until the following Monday, May 29. Developer Gun Interactive and Sumo Digital Nottingham have shared more details to help eager players prepare for the upcoming onslaught.

The test will be accessible exclusively via Steam on PC, and will be a great way for the community to be part of the process as the game gets into the final stretch leading up to its Aug. 18 launch. Players will be able to jump into the latest playable build of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre during the Technical Test, and help to stress test the performance and capabilities of the game in its current state.

This will unfold in PvP matches against other players taking part in the test, and the action will be confined to the Family House map for the purposes of the testing. For those playing the Victims, the selection of characters will include Leland, Connie, Sonny, and Ana. As for the Family, players will be able to choose from The Cook, The Hitchhiker, and Leatherface.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre takes place in the months leading up to the events of the original 1974 film, and features authentic recreations of the locations, characters, and imagery of the source material. Players control either the Victims or members of the Slaughter Family—including the infamous Leatherface—in a vicious game of 3v4 cat-and-mouse that takes the tension and suspense of the film and repurposes it into thrilling, competitive action.

The Victims and the Slaughter Family must both utilize their unique abilities to come out on top, as the former uses stealth and smarts to escape their fearsome tormentors, while each member of the Slaughter Family wields brutal and murderous attacks to hunt their prey.

Players hoping to participate in Technical Test for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre can find all the vital details over at the Gun Interactive Community Hub

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