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Thousands Enjoy Global Insights Into Industry as Level Infinite Open Course Concludes

Starting in October and stretching to November, Level Infinite opened its doors to students around the world via the Level Infinite Open Course, a series of online learning experiences chaired by subject matter experts that provided valuable insights into the gaming industry.

The event attracted over 1,000 eager participants from seven different continents, with over 450 universities represented by their students in the course. In total, the course consisted of a student population of which 53% were from Asia, 27% from North America, and 7% from Europe. Over 96% of participants provided favorable feedback for the four different courses, covering the areas of video game operations, marketing, publishing, and the production process, together with tips on building a good skill set and future career development.

With Level Infinite committed to ushering in the next generation of game-changing creators and leaders, the organization is happy to share the video recaps of the entire Level Infinite Open Course curriculum below:

Level Infinite Open Course

The Many Doorways into the Gaming Industry

Effective Marketing Strategy for the North American Game Industry
Level Infinite and the North American Market
Level Infinite Games – An Introduction to Western Europe
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