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Tips for Tackling Aurich Island in Undawn

The latest update for Undawn brings a new volcanic region to explore – Aurich Island – as well as a host of story missions that continue the adventures of Raven Squad. The update also adds new game systems that expand on the ways players can improve their characters, along with new solo and team-focused PvE and PvP scenarios. 

Here’s how to make the most of the new content:

Island Hopping 

Players need to reach Level 90 first before setting out for Aurich Island. Take a boat from Koller Dock in the central northern part of the Koller Mine. After arriving, activate any fast travel sign to make travel between the mainland and Aurich Island quicker.

Starting a New Chapter 

A new, sixth chapter has been added to the Adventure Guide. Mysterious Waters helps players navigate through the new content in the update. The first new story mission of the update is currently scheduled for early November, with a level requirement of 93.

Radio Ga Ga

Dotted around Aurich Island will be collectibles that can be discovered in previous regions, as well as a new one that is exclusive to the island. Six Band Radios can be found and tuned to the correct signal. 

Flame On 

At the center of Aurich Island is the Infested Sewage Treatment Plant, one of two new strongholds in this update. At Level 90, it offers a solo survival challenge players must complete without their regular gear. 

Inside the Plant, however, there are several new weapons to experiment with, including a flame axe, flamethrower, and incendiary shotgun. The other stronghold, Sunken Dolan Town, unlocks at Level 92.

Hunting Parties

There’s also a new Special Ops challenge for teams of 3-4 players above Level 35 called the Snowy Hunting Grounds. In early November, a new team PvE scenario called Monster Siege will launch, where players team up to defend Redwood Outpost from attack.

Looting for Shooters

The Island of Mist update also allows players to craft Level 90 weapons. They will need new unfinished goods like thermoplastic boards, titanium alloy, and tough leather, which are crafted from new raw materials found only on Aurich Island. 

The island is rich in resources but, with its singular variety and abundance, the prime spot for farming is a small hill near the Cartas Factory fast travel sign. In addition, the new resources can also be retrieved from the raw material trucks during the extreme weather events occurring twice daily across the usual four areas on the mainland.

Personal Development

The new Prime Enhancement system lets players improve the stats of all their gear, adding damage and critical hit bonuses to weapons, as well as HP and resistance buffs to clothes and armor. The new Tactics system allows players to choose extra buffs when playing in a team of four – just remember to enable the chosen tactic on the team list screen when the mission starts.

Luck of the Draw

Lastly, the new Lucky Farm event draw lasts until mid-November, giving players a chance to spend RC for the opportunity to win an exclusive outfit, the Lightfoot Fleecy Moomoo Pajamas, and materials for the new Tactics system and the existing Gene Research system.

The free-to-play open-world survival RPG is now available on iOS and Android devices, with a companion PC version available on Steam and the official website.

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