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Tower of Fantasy Parties on With Mirafleur Moonshade 2.2 Update

For Wanderers enjoying themselves within Hotta Studio‘s Tower of Fantasy, the 2.2 update, otherwise known as Mirafleur Moonshade, is now live. This will see the areas of Mirroria District B and C, as well as the Casino, racing, and pet gameplay, become available for players to enjoy. In addition, a great number of dark crystals and Mi-a skins are also available as rewards through several limited-time events. There is no better time to explore the cyberpunk city and enjoy its endless possibilities.

New Maps in Tower of Fantasy 2.2: Mirroria District B and C

Places like the Mirramoon Street, Treasured Garden, Aquaria Palace, Coolyland, Entertainment Center, Tower of Tomorrow, Star Apartments, Mirafleur Hall Guest Room, Oasis Club, etc. can now be explored. Those looking to take on a new challenge can head to the new Spacerift in Mirroria, located at the Entertainment Center Balcony on Mirramoon Street.

A large number of interior scenes and interactive content are now open, with Wanderers now free to live in their own apartment in Mirroria and experience various everyday interactions and casual games, such as having a pet, racing, and audio-visual entertainment.

New Simulacra & Matrices Unlocked: Lyra and Tian Lang

The 2.2 update for Tower of Fantasy will see the coming of both Lyra and Tian Lang, new additions to the growing Simulacrum roster in the game.

The former is an excellent addition to support teams, who can help buff teammates during battle while dishing out hurt on her own. Using Vesper, Lyra can punch both hard and fast against solo enemies, along with some decent crowd control. She can even turn an enemy into a friend with Mind Control. Smart use of either the Starfall or Shinerise weapon skills will keep the opponents at bay, while her damage can be boosted with Enlightenment marks.

As for the latter, Tian Lang is the hidden ace of Mirroria, who definitely brings the pain with Thunderbreaker and is perfect for those looking for extreme DPS with the caveat of losing health. Every release of the volt weapon skill or discharge skill grants Tian Lang a volt damage boost as well as a free dodge attempt, making him a deadly and swift opponent that will keep the pressure up. Attack aggressively to build up charges and deal increased damage, which can be further enhanced by turning enemies into Electrites that will become AoE attacks when discharge skills are released. The more HP Tian Lang has lost, the higher the damage dealt.

New Gameplay in Tower of Fantasy 2.2: Fishing

Players looking to spend some downtime can now enjoy the activity of fishing, which will see every water body within Vera and Aesperia become a fertile hunting ground. Complete the Ichthyclopedia and conquer the water to show everyone who the true master of fishing is!

New Mode: Void Abyss

Unlocking this coming Jan. 1, Wanderers who have reached Lv. 80 and cleared the Void Rift can look forward to the new game mode that is Void Abyss. In this roguelike setting, Wanderers can obtain different tech buffs while progressing through stages, which they can use to craft a more robust build to challenge an even stronger boss.

New Equipment Unlocked: Fortress Microreactor

The newly unlocked fortress microreactor in Tower of Fantasy 2.2 will assist players in becoming a stronger Executor.

Mirafleur Moonshade Version Rewards: Extrinsic Cosmetics and Dark Crystals

Get online and participate in the limited-time Mirafleur Moonshade version event, with plenty of Dark crystals and Mi-a skins up for grabs.

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