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Tower of Fantasy Prepares for the Arrival of Magical Umi

Hotta Studio is getting ready to introduce a new simulacrum in Tower of Fantasy, with the unlucky yet optimistic girl, Umi, set to join the rest of the roster beginning Feb. 23.

Harboring a desire to become a great magician, Umi wields the Mobius, a long whip as her weapon, unleashing her barrage of attacks in a magical fashion. Her skills are infused with passion of magic, allowing Umi to fight with elegance in Tower of Fantasy. Her 5-hit combo works both on the ground and in the air, while her charge attack can help close the distance between herself and the opponent. Doing it in the air will cause an accelerated plummet, launching enemies for more hurt.

Umi Skills in Tower of Fantasy

The time for magic is now, but before you can allow Umi to display all of her powers in Tower of Fantasy, there is a need to reach 100 warm-up points first. Entering combat for the first time will instantly grant players with the full 100 points, and to fill the meter back up, simply start doing damage with any weapon.

Her weapon skill, It’s Magic Time, targets enemies in front of her within a certain range, pulling them together for sustained damage while affecting them with the Slow effect, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. Using the skill also renders Umi temporarily invincible, and more importantly, the simulacrum enters the Magic Trick state after using It’s Magic Time, which is the core mechanism of Umi. In this state, Umi either gets a Spade or Heart card every two seconds for up to 18 seconds, which triggers the Card Magic skill with every pair. This allows for three different kinds of Card Magic skills.

A Spade and a Heart will trigger Psychic Puppet, which provides a Physical Damage boost for Umi, while delaying 60% of any damage taken. A pair of Hearts will lead to Contradiction Corrosion, which immediately recovers HP for Umi in Tower of Fantasy, while causing continuous area damage around her. Last but not least, a pair of Spades will be the high-damage Card Sweep skill, which is a multi-stage attack.

The Magic Trick state also bestows the hyperbody state to Umi, allowing her to be shielded, perfect for taking advantage of the additional physical damage boost and shatter ability of Mobius. Switching weapons or being defeated will end the Magic Trick state, with the former outcome leading to 20 seconds more of hyberbody. For players who are able to take full advantage of the entirety of the Magic Trick state, nearby enemies will suffer additional and significant damage as a bonus.

Umi Key Star Rating Effects

At 1-star, Umi gains 30 warm-up points whenever she switches to Mobius from any other weapons; just note that there is a cooldown to this effect. Entering Magic Trick state also deals area damage to nearby targets once, while reducing their physical resistance.

Should you get to 5-star, Umi instantly gains the Psychic Puppet effect upon entering Magic Trick state, while the Physical Damage boost for Mobius gets enhanced even further. At the same time, the simulacrum will recover both HP and weapon charge over time during Magic Trick.

Combat Strategy with Umi in Tower of Fantasy

Umi can be a key part in many different combinations, including in a physical team together with Lin. Her ability to deal high damage that is further boosted by the Magic Trick state means that enemies will constantly be in danger. The various Card Magic skills can either give Umi’s damage a further boost, help her recover her HP, or achieve optimal crowd control with more significant attacks.

Knowing when to switch weapons between Mobius and other gear will be key to keeping her warm-up points meter full, so you will never have to be out of the Magic Trick state for too long. The hyperbody state also helps with keeping Umi alive in Tower of Fantasy in the thick of the fray.

Be sure to check out Umi once she becomes available in Tower of Fantasy, it promises to be a magical time.

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