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Tower of Fantasy Upcoming Update 2.1 Includes New Map & Simulacrum Lin

New Environments, Bosses, Powers and Characters – Including New Simulacrum Lin

For players eager to see more of the future of Hotta Studio‘s Tower of Fantasy, the developers have now provided even more details on the major updates and exciting new content coming to the 2.1 update – Confounding Labyrinth.

The Confounding Abyss

Arriving this Nov. 22, the 2.1 update for Tower of Fantasy will introduce a brand-new map, Confounding Abyss, filled with menacing bosses, exciting challenges, together with the new simulacrum, the powerful Lin. As players enter the Confounding Abyss located just beneath Mirroria, they will explore the ruins of the Third City, which is filled with diverse terrain and endless obstacles.

Venture deeper, and encounter dangerous lifeforms lurking within the area. These new and powerful enemies have mutated under the effects of the Confounding Abyss and will pose entirely new challenges. As always, in Tower of Fantasy, exclusive exploration rewards await those that are brave enough and can survive the trials ahead.

Some of the unique terrain features and new areas that players will encounter as they journey through the Confounding Labyrinth in update 2.1 for Tower of Fantasy include:

Prism Pillar: 

Ruins left within the Abyss by an unknown civilization are riddled with dangerous obstacles hiding behind its endless passageways. Only the flickering light can faintly reveal the traces of the past and the mysteries that lie within.

Deepsoul Industrial Zone: 

This Industrial Area around the Scientific Research Center is covered in karst caves, and its humid and warm environment is a paradise for the growth of strange fungi.

As players explore deeper and deeper into the Confounding Abyss in Tower of Fantasy 2.1, they will encounter all-new dangerous lifeforms lurking within the area. These powerful enemies will pose entirely new challenges as some creatures have mutated under the effects of the Confounding Abyss. One terrifying example is a portion of Crystal Hoof: Culton’s body has fused with a mysterious crystal, resulting in its strong, rock-like body.

Lin, the Latest Simulacrum

As for the latest simulacrum to join Tower of Fantasy as part of the 2.1 update, Lin is the only daughter of the founder of Mirroria and was raised to be his successor. The people of Mirroria have already accepted Lin as a leader, even though she has not been officially appointed.

As a result of vigorous combat training from a very young age, Lin displays an aura of strength and prefers fighting on the frontlines with spectacular results. The key element that makes Lin so powerful is her alteration ability. In Tower of Fantasy, each simulacrum is equipped with one element, such as Ruby being armed with flame while Saki Fuwa utilizes frost.

The division of these elements determines the player’s strategy, but Lin’s unique alteration ability breaks this limitation, allowing her to utilize all elements and can be used by players as a construction weapon for any element genre.

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