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Tower of Fantasy Version 1.5 Update – New Artificial Island Map, Home System & More

Following a successful launch globally and introducing new players to its shared open world, Level Infinite and Hotta Studio‘s Tower of Fantasy has rolled out even more content for the world of Aida. Version 1.5 of Tower of Fantasy sees several significant additions, including a new Artificial Island zone, a Home system, a new raid, the new simulacrum that is Claudia, the limited-time Aida Cafe event, and the Bygone Phantasm event.

Artificial Island, Home System

Introducing a vast new area for exploration and experimentation, players are able to venture to the Artificial Island to gather new materials and take on new enemies in areas like the Ring Arena, Puddled Lake, and more.

By gathering the required components, a home base can be established on the Artificial Island thanks to the 1.5 update of Tower of Fantasy. Utilizing various materials, players can easily create the home of their dreams.

8-Player Raid

A new raid is also available now for groups of eight players, where the challenge of the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon awaits. Overcome the danger, and earn precious Fortress Weaponry to aid your quest further.


The addition of the raid is also an excellent time to try out the new simulacrum, Claudia, who brings her Guren Blade to the battlefield. Be sure to grab the limited-time banner of Claudia as well.

Aida Cafe Limited-time Event

Starting from September 14, the Aida Cafe limited-time event will see players gathering ingredients in order to whip up delicious dishes. Participate and get cooking, and various valuable rewards can be yours.

Bygone Phantasm

A new event, the Bygone Phantasm will be available once players have unlocked the Battlefield of Champions. Be warned though, as weapon switching and enhancements are disabled during the event, and having a high mastery will be the bare minimum to survive the trials ahead.

The 1.5 update for Tower of Fantasy also brings several changes to the systems of the game, along with new bug fixes and tweaks. They include:

  • The maximum accumulated days of offline rewards are revised to 9 days.
  • The display of new and idle servers with”New” and “Recommended” signs is optimized.
  • The introduction tab of the “shield axe” in the “Survival Guide” is added
  • An issue was fixed where no Endurance (END) is required, where the “Spiral Drive“ skill is used with the “Thunderblades“ weapon and damage abnormality. The damage description of the spiral-down effect of the “Thunderblades” is also added.
  • The icon display issue where multiple matrix effects can be activated when switching “Molten Shield V2” (axe mode) to other weapons is fixed.
  • An issue is fixed, where there is a “stun” abnormality of the “Pummeler” and “Venus” weapons.
  • An issue is fixed where there is a “dodge” abnormality for some of the “Balmung” weapons.
  • The problem of abnormal interface display is caused by network lag when extracting “Simulacrum” weapons during the ordering.
  • The cooldown period time between speeches in the chat channel is improved.
  • The setting button invalid issue after restarting is fixed.
  • The button invalid issue for the Line channel on mobiles is fixed.
  • A series of localization problems such as translation or abnormal display of interface text is fixed.
  • “Type V Armor” is replaced with “Alternate Destiny” in the “SSR Relic one-out-of-four box” selections.

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