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Tower of Fantasy Welcomes Special Forces Agent Alyss to the Fold

A new simulacrum is making her way to Tower of Fantasy, as Hotta Studio unveils the coming of Special Forces Agent Alyss to the lands of Aida.

The SSR DPS addition packs the Unyielding Wing as her main weapon, allowing her graceful dance to overcome all challenges that await in Mirroria. Pure damage can be delivered with several of her combos, both against solo and group targets. Dancing Flash is a great move in the arsenal, giving Alyss crowd control, while making her immune to damage when using the combo after releasing any weapon skills.

Alyss Skills in Tower of Fantasy

Alyss can utilize the Chilling Field skill to pull nearby targets together and dish out great damage, all while suspending them. With Chilling Field active, the simulacrum also gains hyperbody and all frost weapons’ discharge skills are further enhanced. Opponents are slowed down while the potential damage they receive will be increased.

As for her discharge skill, Starry Night removes all debuffs from the wielder and deals damage several times that attack of Alyss, while launching the target for further combos.

Alyss Key Star Rating Effects

At 1-star, Wanderers can receive Alyss’s support when using any frost weapon skill in the Chilling Field, summoning her to cast a discharge skill on the field that has skill damage equal to 70% of her skill. The skill that triggered the discharge skill can then be used again afterwards.

Get Alyss up to 5-star, and the damage of the Unyielding Wing’s normal attack and Spatial Slice is boosted by 35%. The Wanderer also receives Alyss’s Protection. Upon taking fatal damage, it protects the Wanderer from death and makes the Wanderer immune to damage for a short time.

Combat Strategy with Umi in Tower of Fantasy

Assembling a team with Frigg and Saki Fuwa will allow Alyss to shine even brighter as a combatant. The Attack Resonance granted by equipping at least two DPS-type weapons increases final damage by a large margin, while the pure Frost team composition bestows Elemental Resonance. This will see Frost attacks enhanced by 15% while resistance is upped by 25%.

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