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V Rising: 7 Ways to Suck Less

To become a truly powerful Vampire lord in V Rising, players must master deeper, more advanced game mechanics that aren’t covered in the tutorials. These tips will point new players in the right direction so they can suck less and, paradoxically, perhaps, suck more.

1. Elevate Yourself

Castles can be built anywhere there is enough space to plant a Castle Heart. Defensive positions are critically important, especially in PVP, so look for the high ground. Farbane Woods has dozens of elevated plateaus to choose from; the best spots will have limited paths in and out, with narrow ramps to act as chokepoints.

It’s important to think long-term. Northern Farbane Woods is a great spot. It’s in the starting zone but relatively central to the entire world map, making it easier to venture further afield over time. 

2. Mount Up

Get a horse as soon as possible. While transforming into a wolf provides a significant speed boost, it’s still significantly slower than riding a horse. 

Mount up V Rising

Perhaps the safest spot to get one early game is in Dunley Farmlands. Head to the southeastern area to find a stable with several horses. Sneak in, mount one and ride away. Just be sure to keep plenty of waterskins in its saddlebags, as it will die if it runs out of water.

3. Blood Types in V Rising

Vampires need to drink blood, but the exact type of blood matters. Feeding on beasts and humans keeps vampires alive, powers their abilities, and confers bonuses. 

When feeding on a wounded enemy, look for the percentage next to the Feed prompt; higher percentages mean purer blood and bigger buffs. There are six blood types, each boosting different stats. The blood vial at the bottom of the screen shows which buff is currently active. It’s best to drink blood that gives buffs that suit the task at hand – a resource buff makes short work of ore collection, making trips to the mines shorter and less risky.

This becomes much easier to manage after defeating Vincent the Frostbringer. He drops the blueprints needed to build prison cells. Once the cells are built, charm villagers and escort them back to the Castle to keep the best buffs on tap.

Defeating Tristan the Vampire Hunter is helpful here, as it unlocks the Blood Hunger ability, which shows nearby enemies’ blood type and strength. 

4. Mark The Spots
Mark the spots V Rising

Explore the region as soon as possible, as visiting a location marks it permanently on the map. It also highlights any special resources available at each location. This makes raiding for specific resources so much more efficient. 

5. Daywalker

Treat the Sun with a healthy level of respect. Stick to heavily-forested areas while travelling and dash across open spaces. Alternate modes of travel make it possible to cover surprisingly long stretches of sunlit ground without burning up. 

6. Interior Decorating in V Rising

Under the right conditions, castle workstations gain significant production bonuses. All it takes is four walls, a roof and the right kind of flooring. These bonuses greatly impact the quality of life, with fewer resources needed to quickly make new supplies. 

Interior Decorating V Rising

Workstations can be grouped together to maximise these efficiencies. For example, the Sawmill and Grinder both need Workshop floor tiles, so it makes sense to place them together in the Castle. 

7. Bank It

Hang on to Silver Coins and Unsullied Hearts until they become useful. While Silver Coins can be logistically challenging, it’s worth detouring back to the Castle to stash it. It becomes a useful currency to trade with wandering merchants in mid to late-game. 

Unsullied Hearts drop from more powerful enemies, particularly elites. They’re a great source of on-demand blood, but they’re even better when saved for advanced crafting recipes later in the game. Keep them deep behind the Castle walls, in the most secure lockbox to avoid losing them to PVP invaders. 

V Rising is available now on Steam in Early Access.

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