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V Rising gets a May 8 launch date

After nearly two years in early access, vampiric open-world survival game V Rising has announced its descent upon PC gamers on May 8th, before it comes to PS5 later this year.

Stunlock Studios has been working to incorporate feedback gathered during early access into the big launch, expanding the end-game with a new zone and suitably climactic boss encounter to cap off the experience.

Enjoy the new trailer:

Chills and big bosses

Only a small section of the Hallowed Mountains is currently accessible, as its northern reaches are cut off from the rest of the map by a collapsed rope bridge. Many players have wondered what lies beyond, and they’ll soon find out as the Hallowed Mountains extends its footprint north as part of the new end-game zone with fragments of the fallen empire—the Ruins of Mortium.

With a history frozen in time, this dark and icy region provides the final stage for players to establish their legacy as Vampire lords in a thrilling fight for supremacy. Of course, that means the introduction of not just new enemies and new V Bloods…but also one last boss that Stunlock bills as the “ultimate rival”. That’s no other than Dracula himself, in the ultimate test of Vampire supremacy.

Also coming to the new zone are end-game events designed to entice the most powerful Vampires from across the realm to venture out of their castle strongholds to prove themselves. These regular, rolling events showcase a new and deadly enemy type whose presence in the land shakes up the existing ecosystem.

Dressing for the Occasion

To prepare for the increased challenge of the end-game, and to ensure players truly feel they have mastered the Vampiric arts, the game will add a new level of equipment. Formidable new weapons and armor sets enable players to deliver and withstand ever more powerful attacks. A new tier of artifacts also introduces unique weapons for each weapon type.

Shards are also being reworked. Previously they served as monuments earned through PVP victories and placed inside your castle. Now, they work as one-of-a-kind necklaces to be worn into battle. Shards still provide powerful buffs, but not without risk. As an equipped item, they can now be lost in battle.

Bespook tailoring

Gear customization is getting a makeover, too. It’s possible to mix and match armor set appearances, as well as color each piece individually, giving players more options than ever to stand out from the rest of the Vampire crowd.

The upgraded game engine helps show off these cosmetic enhancements in all their glory. The overhauled lighting system brings out a lot more detail in various materials and textures, particularly metallic objects like armor. The engine improvements also reduce the load on players’ gaming rigs, making the game look better and play better.

V Rising will launch May 8th, and come to PS5 later in the year. Get it on Steam.

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