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Watch How ALARA Prime Reinvents FPS Action in Pre-Alpha Highlights

With plenty of pedigree in the world of first-person shooters, Fall Damage is a studio that definitely knows what it is doing when it comes to delivering satisfying gameplay for players. With ALARA Prime spicing things up with a 4v4v4 system, there is never quite a moment to rest, and as players got up to speed in the recent pre-alpha, it didn’t take long for high-level play to emerge on the battlefield.

This also represented a great opportunity for Fall Damage to show off ALARA Prime at its best, with players engaging in frenetic firefights while trying to achieve their objectives, and having the time of their lives.

The 3-team format of the Transmission mode opens the door to new strategic choices, where teams can backstab, hone in on the objective, or wait for their moment when the enemy least expects an attack. Naturally, the leaders of the pack will have to watch their back at every turn, even during the ALARA Prime pre-alpha.

A new playtest is set to take place during the summer, and Fall Damage is working hard behind the scenes to continue improving its debut project. Interested players should head over to the official website and engage in discussion on the dedicated Discord channel, where the latest updates will drop from the team.

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