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Wayfinder Class Guide – Arcanists Kyros and Niss

Glass Cannons 

The Arcanist archetypes in Wayfinder are primarily damage dealers and are at their best when played aggressively. That said, their low health means it’s important to balance raw damage output with staying alive. 


That’s Not What I Fragment

Of the two Arcanists, Kyros is a better fit for new players in Wayfinder. His focus on ranged attacks maintains a healthy distance from enemies, and his passive abilities synergize well with active skills.

Arcane Fragments are a crucial resource, fueling powerful abilities and reducing cooldowns, enabling more frequent use of damage skills. Arcane Fragments are generated by landing regular combos, as well as using Radiant Sphere. When fueled by these Fragments, the powerful Savage Rake ranged attack doesn’t consume ability charges.

Radiant Sphere is an AoE attack that generates Arcane Fragments for every enemy it hits. It also reduces cooldowns, allowing Kyros to use his abilities more often in Wayfinder. Arcane Focus is another area attack that damages multiple enemies at once but doesn’t generate Arcane Fragments, making it less useful. 

The Hand of Reckoning ultimate is another AoE that grants Arcane Fragments for every enemy it hits. Its attack radius is huge, so players are all but guaranteed a substantial supply of Fragments every time it’s used. 


The Artful Dodger 

Niss is a melee damage-dealer who thrives when taking the fight to her enemies in Wayfinder. This approach exposes her to significantly more risk, making her better suited for more experienced players. 

The Lingering Shadow passive enables retreat from danger, while also boosting her attack power for every dodge. This lends itself well to a hit-and-run playstyle, seamlessly chaining from one enemy to the next.

Casting Shade

Vengeful Shade is another tool Niss can use to get out of a tight spot. It gives a brief period of damage immunity, giving her time to backflip out of harm’s way, while also powering up her own attacks. 

Umbral Aura, on the other hand, transforms a dodge into a powerful counterattack, while helping to replenish charges of her main active ability, Shadow Step. Shadow Step lets Niss slice through enemy lines, dealing damage twice while ramping up her attack power in Wayfinder. Any allies caught up in the mix also receive the attack boost. 

Her Gloomshroud ultimate enhances Shadow Step, which mimics Umbral Aura and allows Niss to use Shadow Step at no cost, also sharing the boon with nearby allies.  

Wayfinder is available now in Early Access on both PC and PS5.

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