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Arena Breakout Ups the Ante in Season 2 Update

The stakes have never been higher, and with danger lurking at every corner, a new map will serve as a hotly contested battlefield that will see all sides fight for survival in tactical FPS Arena Breakout’s biggest update yet with Season 2.

In addition, new weapons, new modes, and overall improvements will add a different dimension to gameplay. Ahead of its October 27 release date, here’s a look at what to expect.

The Port of Death

The Port will be a challenging location that features docks, warehouses, and narrow pathways that will test the skills and creativity of the players, delivering intense firefights and hostilities across the map.

Both Hill and Tulips Communities feature many indoor areas and houses perfect for ambushes, Guoyapos Avenue is a wasteland of dilapidated vehicles that zig and zag their way to encounters, and the abandoned buildings and rooftops scattered throughout that invoke a sense of paranoia for anyone passing through.

Get Ready for a Storm

The Season 2 update also includes a new mode called Storm Warning in Arena Breakout, which adds another layer of challenge for those wanting to test their mettle.

In Storm Warning, the battlefield will be covered in rain and fog, reducing visibility and masking  footsteps, increasing the tension. Occasional thunder will also trip sound indicators and further immerse the players.

Adaptability is the name of the game, and players will have to contend with these changing conditions if they wish to come out on top.

Weapons of War

Season 2 of Arena Breakout will also include an arsenal of high-powered assault rifles, shotguns, and more. With numerous indoor areas and tight alleyways, players would be wise to consider the DP12 Shotgun as their weapon of choice, offering unmatched damage in close quarters.

Unleash a full clip of death with three new assault rifles, including the AEK which boasts high hip-fire stability and recoil control that could make it a heavy favorite for those who enjoy fast-paced skirmishes.

Season 2 will arrive in Arena Breakout on October 27 for both iOS and Android devices.

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