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Arena Breakout Welcomes Season 2 As Player Numbers Hit New High

The first-person shooter market is not by no means an easy one to crack, but for MoreFun Studios, changing dynamics and an immersive experience are at the heart of what makes Arena Breakout a unique standout in the mobile space. Instead of being the last one standing, players are always on the move in a high-risk, high-reward affair. Grabbing the best loot in this extraction shooter means nothing if there is no successful escape, and being targeted by everyone else always means the tension never truly goes away.

Having only launched in July for both iOS and Android devices, the game has already hit a huge milestone of over 80 million registered users globally as announced at Gamescom 2023, with plenty of player feedback for the studio to mull over. The battles across the wartorn remnants of Kamona in Arena Breakout are only just beginning.

At Gamescom 2023, it was also revealed that Season 2 of Arena Breakout will arrive in October. The War For The Port update will bring a new Storm Warning mode, a new Port map, as well as a variety of new firearms for players to pore over in the Gunsmith system. The new arrivals will see players get up close and personal with “action-packed urban warfare in the streets,” an experience that the studio is keen to deliver, where “the enemy is always closer than you think.”

As for the new Storm Warning mode, players will have to contend with never-before-seen weather effects like fog in Arena Breakout. Using a tactical flashlight may increase visibility, but it is also a beacon for enemy fire. With bosses Ajax and Porrero ready to eliminate the weak, survivors will have to go the extra mile to make it to the end. And for those who persevere, the future looks bright.

“Over 16 unique modes built around Arena Breakout’s core principle of extraction will be available throughout the next year, alongside new maps and variants of existing maps that offer new battlefield experiences, from tight urban layouts to close quarters combat. A dynamic weather system and more new weapons will also be introduced to the game soon. Additionally, MoreFun Studios will announce its plans for an official Arena Breakout esports competitive scene in the months ahead,” added the team.

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