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Arrakis Beckons as Dune: Spice Wars Embarks for Xbox

Dune: Spice Wars, the unique combination of 4X and real-time strategy set on Arrakis, will soon set foot on new ground as the game expands into the Xbox realm this November 28. After the game’s recent PC launch out of Early Access, developer Shiro Games and publisher Funcom are making the final preparations to bring the epic struggle for spice to players on Xbox Series X|S.

In the Early Access period, the game has been expanded in various ways, including six major updates that have brought multiple new playable factions, a slew of new features, balance changes, quality of life tweaks, and a myriad of requests that address the feedback from the passionate community.

The game combines the moment-to-moment excitement of real-time strategy with the long-term planning of 4X games, bringing together the best of two worlds. Select one of six iconic factions from the Dune universe, such as the Atreides, Harkonnen, or Fremen, leveraging their unique strengths. Play solo or with friends, be they allies or rivals, and discover who the unforgiving deserts of Arrakis claim first.

On Arrakis, the theater of war extends beyond the battlefield, where players can also dominate the flow of spice by mastering Landsraad politics, the economy, and spycraft. Now, more would-be conquerors can do so as Dune: Spice Wars arrives on Xbox Series X|S on November 28.

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