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Celebrate Warhammer 40,000: Darktide First Anniversary With The Traitor Curse

It has just about been a year since Warhammer 40,000: Darktide was unleashed onto the masses, with Fatshark supporting the intense and brutal action shooter with a constant stream of updates, including a massive class overhaul and the launch of the game on Xbox. Now, to commemorate the milestone, the studio is dropping a two-part update, The Traitor Curse, for free to celebrate Darktide.

Part one of The Traitor Curse is already live, with the second part to come in December. Players will be able to learn about the motivations of the Moebian 6th and discover The Carnival, a new disreputable zone promising transgressive distractions and entertainment in this new update.

Furthermore, the new zone and mission will see Rejects strike at the heart of the Moebian 6th operations and fend off hordes of enemies in Mercantile HL 70-04, and hopefully uncover traces of the Blight for further examination.

The Traitor Curse also brings to Darktide an update to the Veteran Talent Tree, which has been tweaked and now includes the addition of Keystones. All trees have been reset, so players can explore the new possibilities afforded by this new change. Another quality-of-life improvement is in the form of the new Inspect feature, which allows the community to inspect other players’ loadouts in both the hub and in mission lobbies, making it easier to kit out a squad to fit the purpose.

Of course, the update will come with a host of other bug fixes and changes, so that the entire Darktide experience is made even better for Rejects to enjoy stamping out any resistance in Tertium. Be sure to dive in and prepare for the arrival of part two of The Traitor Curse, which will arrive in Darktide next month.

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