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Delta Force: Hawk Ops – Building on 25 Years of Tactical Expertise

The newly unveiled Delta Force: Hawk Ops is the tenth entry in the legendary series and builds upon 25 years of history that forged the tactical shooter genre.

Released in 1998, the original proved a landmark first-person shooter. Even in a year flush with iconic titles like Half-Life and Unreal, Delta Force stood out. An eye-catching realistic graphical treatment set the tone, courtesy of its unusual Voxel Space rendering technology, while players stuck around for the compelling and distinctive tactical gameplay.

Let’s Get Physical

Unlike other shooters of the time, the bullets in the game were physically simulated objects and were affected by the rules of physics. Players couldn’t simply point and shoot; they had to consider environmental effects and the distance to the target. Delta Force: Hawk Ops seeks to continue the commitment to authenticity.

A Class Act

Delta Force: Land Warrior, the third game released in 2000, introduced class-based gameplay. Each character specialized in a certain field of combat, allowing players to tailor their approach to suit their play style. In similar fashion, Delta Force: Hawk Ops gives players the choice of Assault, Sniper, Engineer and Medic classes,  with each playing a unique role on the battlefield. 

Black Hawk Down

In 2002, Delta Force: Urban Warfare debuted on the PlayStation and brought cinematic cutscenes to the series for the first time. Hand in hand with fully voice-acted characters, it marked a renewed focus on delivering new depth and immersion to the story. 

This shift continued the following year with the release of Black Hawk Down, with a storyline ripped straight from reality and inspired by the events of the Somali Civil War, set during the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993. With an emphasis on close-quarters combat, it was the most action-packed and spectacular game in the series to date. 

That’s why its single-player campaign was chosen to be remade with the cutting-edge technology powering Delta Force: Hawk Ops. Fans will enjoy seeing classic scenes reimagined while new players will experience the thrill of urban combat in stunning fashion.

They See Me Rollin’

The latest two games in the series added vehicular combat. Delta Force: Xtreme and its sequel both enabled players to drive tanks, armored personnel carriers, motorbikes, boats, and even fly helicopters. The Havoc Warfare multiplayer mode in Delta Force: Hawk Ops will expand the vehicle roster to nearly 10, with players able to jump on board assault ships, battle tanks, Black Hawk choppers, ATVs and more.

For 25 years, the Delta Force series has pioneered new gameplay and delivered best-in-class feature sets within the first-person shooter genre. In honoring that legacy, Delta Force: Hawk Ops looks set to welcome a new generation of fans.

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