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Den of Wolves – What You Need to Know

Den of Wolves is the next big thing coming from Swedish studio 10 Chambers, transporting players into an alternative dystopia, where a lawless Midway City is ripe for all sorts of criminal activity.

Focusing on fast-paced and tightly designed missions, players will engage in co-op heists that balance approachable mechanics and high-skill tactics. Their job is to complete morally ambiguous assignments for the megacorporations who run this new world. 

Working the gig economy

Set in 2097, Den of Wolves sees a crew of outcasts and freelancers who take on various gigs for the corporations controlling Midway City—a massive, independent metropolis resting on Midway Island, unbound from all ethical and legal restrictions from the larger world.

These missions will range from stealing assets and secrets from rival companies to assassination jobs, and other unsavory tasks sanctioned secretly by the megacorps.

A juicy genre

“We have always felt this untapped potential within the heist genre. With our next game, we’re bringing sci-fi elements into it to give it a fresh spin,” said Simon Viklund, 10 Chambers narrative director. 

“After working on GTFO, I feel this game is more of a special power fantasy, with new visuals and new types of music. The heist genre is very juicy; there’s a plan that everyone has to agree on, and everyone has to do their part, and it’s just such a perfect concept for a co-op game.”

With Den of Wolves, 10 Chambers has a more ambitious vision, together with an evolving story to follow as the dynamics of power shift in Midway City.


To complete each heist, players must leverage their unique skill sets and work alongside their partners. And with the sci-fi twist, these operatives can leverage a variety of bio-hacking mods and advanced tools to pull off some devious tactics to complete the job.

“We feel we can break the mould; we’re doing something completely new with Midway City’s setting and the sci-fi concept we’re introducing. We are bringing something fresh to it, and in terms of the action, you will have stealth missions, full-on action, and everything in between. It’s important to us that the dramatic curve is dynamic and unpredictable.”

With the ability to take on the different character profiles, players will need to work hard to earn resources to upgrade and their operatives. 

Moral flex

But with Den of Wolves, players will have to confront morally ambiguous objectives that highlight the challenging and bleak setting of Midway City—which will see the scales of power change based on the choices of the operatives.

“It’s not a game where you go up against these corporations to take them down and be sort of a Robin Hood, or the good guy has to reveal everything—you’ll have blood on your hands as well. You’re part of a system where one corporation hires you to go up against another,” said Viklund. “I love to inject a kernel of truth or examples of real-life stories like that in the storytelling.”

Den of Wolves is in active development and will debut in early access for PC and consoles, with additional content planned post-launch.

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