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Honor of Kings launches in MENA, Türkiye, CIS, South Asia

Honor of Kings, the world’s biggest MOBA (mobile multiplayer online battle arena) game, makes its next big reach into new international markets today. The latest regions to experience the mobile phenomenon are the Middle East, North Africa, Türkiye, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and South Asia.

With this launch, Honor of Kings welcomes players to join its 100 million daily active users. The game was first available in China, before Brazil became the first overseas market to get it last year in March.

Its chief game designer, Dean Huang, noted that in order to help the game reach more devices globally, the team prioritized keeping the game download as small as possible without sacrificing graphics quality.

The game’s mechanics also emphasize fair play so that players newly coming to the game can experience success through honing their skill, not paying to win.

Huang said more than a thousand developers have worked on Honor of Kings in the course of its evolution over some 40 version updates.

Hear from Dean Huang, and the development, and community teams:

To celebrate the new launch, all 72 of the game’s heroes will be free for players to try for a month. Brand tie-ups with Hello Kitty and SNK means players can get official themed skins and items from these other titles.

Honor of Kings is available for both iOS and Android.

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