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Honor of Kings’ new Arcade Mode brings short bursts of fun to players

Honor of Kings is getting a major update today, bringing a new and exciting Arcade Mode for shorter gameplay sessions, and a host of new features to enhance the entire experience of the regular mode. 

Today’s update has something for everyone—casual players that have less time for full matches, and training modes for those serious about upping their game in Honor of Kings

And the latter may even get a chance to rub shoulders with the pros, with the announcement of the new Open Series that gives amateur players a chance to qualify for a prestigious tournament spot.

Arcade Mode brings two new games for shorter sessions

The new Arcade Mode offers two new games, Bubble Scramble and Mountain of Flames, both of which take less time compared to for a full Honor of Kings match, perfect when waiting in line or during short bus rides.

Bubble Scramble: In this 3v3 game, players fight to collect Easter Eggs found around the arena. Your team has to collectively carry a total of 20 eggs for over 20 seconds to win the match. However, if your character dies, all your eggs are dropped, so staying alive becomes just as important as being able to collect the eggs.

Mountain of Flames: Taking place in a special map featuring molten lava, this 5v5 game is all about pushing your opponents into the fiery rivers. Characters get special skills to push other players, and the first team to score 30 kills wins the match.

New features to help players get better

Those continuing to hone their skills in the regular game mode can expect to level up with new features that are aimed at all player types, new or experienced.

Battlefield Events Timeline: This new addition will help players familiarize themselves with key moments of each battle. Dynamically updating over the course of a game, it displays a snapshot of the action in that session, and provides a boss refresh countdown.

Performance Recap: After a set number of matches, each player will receive a personalized report highlighting their recent positive achievements. This will give you a sense of how well you’re doing, and incentive to do even better moving forward.

Hero Guides: More videos have been added to the Hero video library. As you pick and start training on how to use one of the many heroes, these videos will give you tactics for winning, and tips to escape tricky situations.

In addition to these changes, other features have been updated, including adjustments to the ranking board, improvements to the “Share” function, and the addition of a new achievement system.

A path to pro play through the Open Series

Players starting to get good with ambitions of going pro can soon test themselves against the best by joining the new Honor of Kings Open Series.

Registration starts on April 15 – 26, 2024, and allows anyone to pit their skills against others for a chance to qualify for the prestigious Honor of Kings Invitational Season 2 tournament.

Teams from qualifying countries and a wildcard team will compete during open qualifiers starting May 1, 2024, culminating in the finals that same month. Participants stand to win attractive in-game rewards.

Three new Heroes have arrived

Finally, three new characters are joining the Honor of Kings roster.

Garo is an archer, with an ultimate that buffs the entire team with added attack speed and critical hits.

Heino has two forms to switch between ranged and melee attacks, and features an ultimate that turns back time.

Allain wields twin swords, and becomes untargetable when launched up into the air during his ultimate, allowing him to deal damage from above.

Honor of Kings is available now for iOS and Android devices in selected markets. 

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