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Inflexion to develop offline solo mode for Nightingale

Nightingale will get an offline solo play mode, Inflexion Games has announced. The studio will prioritize development on solo mode for the currently online-only game.

The decision comes after Nightingale‘s early access release days ago, allowing Inflexion to study how players responded to the latest version.

In an update posted on Steam, Inflexion noted that it decided to prioritize co-op play early on, because its envisioned creating a large interconnected world for players to explore. Nightingale‘s “realm” design creates procedurally generated worlds, allowing players to create new experiences through combining “cards”.

Players can join publicly open realms, seeing and interacting with other players there to head off to hunt monsters or complete quests together. Nightingale also allows players to create private parties and invite up to five friends, with people having the freedom to drop in and out.

With the more-complicated nature of multiplayer, Inflexion said it chose to tackle the more-technical challenge in development, prioritizing online over solo play.

Inflexion’s modus operandi has been to do frequent check-ins with player communities and iterate. Earlier this month, it conducted a large open stress test with over 48,000 players to test its servers’ ability to handle multiplayer.

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Community feedback was also responsible for Nightingale‘s third-person perspective, and helped shape the game’s onboarding experience too.

Nightingale, published by Inflexion, is the debut title from the Canadian studio which was formed by a group of ex-Bioware veterans.

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