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Ink-wielding Simulacrum Liu Huo Paints a Bright Future in Tower of Fantasy

The Ignisville Domain Guard, Liu Huo, is here to lend a hand in Tower of Fantasy with the arrival of the 3.0 Domain 9 expansion. Armed with the Pine Comet ink brush, this new Simulacrum is eager to show just how cultured individuals are capable of unsurpassed might when the situation calls for it.

Using unique calligraphy strokes as attacks, Liu Huo brings extended combos that harness the powers of the flames to bring her enemies down and out for the count, perfect for pushing back against the Grayspace Entities known as Darkness.

Lui Huo Mechanisms in Tower of Fantasy

The DPS nature of Liu Huo is complemented by Sparrow Feather, one of the main mechanisms in which she dishes out the hurt. Every attack with Pine Comet launches a singular Sparrow Feather at the locked-on target, and functions largely the same when the weapon is in the off-hand slot, albeit with a longer cooldown, to deal additional damage. For players looking for increased synergy, the nature of Sparrow Feather as ammo can be enhanced by Lan’s Vermilion Strength, allowing Liu Huo to elevate her DPS greatly at the increased ammo cost.

Liu Huo also leverages the special mechanism of Caligraphy Characters in Tower of Fantasy to receive a diverse array of buffs during battle. By using any discharge skill, successful dodges, and attack chains, the Simulacrum will cause these characters to appear on-screen. Using a weapon skill will then consume the characters, triggering the buffs.

For those seeking stacking attacks, Sparroburn can be applied to targets by using any flame weapon, burning targets for 15 seconds in two stacks. As for Fiery Explosion, it triggers every 1.5 seconds with any attack with Pine Comet, dealing big damage to nearby targets on hit. This unique effect is calculated using Liu Huo’s flame attack stat, the Wanderer’s maximum HP, the sum of all Wanderers’ resistance types, and critical chance.

Liu Huo Key Star Mechanics in Tower of Fantasy

At 1-star, Liu Huo’s Sparrow Feather triggers a spreading effect on hit, greatly increasing her DPS and area damage output in Tower of Fantasy. At 3-star, the Simulacrum can consume Sparrow Feathers to recover HP when her health gets below 50%, which increases Liu Huo’s overall survivability.

At 5-star, she is able to prevent lethal damage from being fatal once, and gain damage immunity for a short duration after. At the same time, Liu Huo will instantly gain 60 Sparrow Feathers and 1,000 weapon charge to mount a counterattack. This helpful effect can be triggered once every 60 seconds.

Liu Huo works well with the likes of Lan and Fiona, with core damage output coming from Pine Comet and Caligraphy Characters in the main slot, while Fiona and Lan provide excellent damage boosts in the battle to make things easier. Another possible combination will see Ruby replace Fiona, with her Heat stacks bringing damage boosts and Sparks guaranteeing DPS with burn tally.

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