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Join the Butterfly in the Abyss in Tower of Fantasy 3.4 Update

The pipeline of content in Tower of Fantasy continues to deliver, as Hotta Studio and Level Infinite open the gates to update 3.4, Butterfly in the Abyss, for all Wanderers to sink their teeth into. This new update brings a new Simulacrum in the form of Nan Yin, expands the area of Marshville, and enacts a variety of adjustments to better the experience.

The former Lady Baihu, Nan Yin has now returned under a new guise with the Purple Bamboo weapon by her side. Wielding one of the rare Altered Element weapons, the latest Simulacrum will be a force to be reckoned with as she brings more possibilities when it comes to damage dealing against anyone foolish enough to stand in her way.

Wanderers can also progress the main storyline as the need to confront Nan Yin’s plot grows even more pressing. Join Ji Yu as she resumes the investigation into the Forbidden County and reignites the Skyburnace, dispelling the gloom above Hendeca County. Head deeper into Hendeca County in search of the key clue about the Darkness buried under the snow in the Forbidden County, and perhaps there is still hope left.

As for Marshville, the 3.4 update has made it possible for players to explore even more of the area in Tower of Fantasy, including new areas such as the Pass of Ao, Skyburnace, Ambersnow Canyon, Sorrow Cavern, the Black Jade Ruin, and many more. There is also a new world boss in Merbelle, and more creatures like the rockwings and hidewings to discover.

Brand new gameplay in the Field of Execution will also require Wanderers to work together to gather resources and build necessary fortifications against the Darkness of Marshville. Defeat the villainous boss Xingtian, and win abundant rewards in return.

In addition, players can look forward to new seasons of content in the coming weeks. For now, Frontier Clash: Evolution Mode has been infused with new gameplay elements and new enemies, while both Sequential Phantasm and Void Abyss will kick off in December.

Butterfly in the Abyss, the 3.4 update for Tower of Fantasy, is available now.

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