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Tower of Fantasy 3.3 – A Sword Dance of Ice Details Revealed

Brand New Map, Storyline, Bosses, and More In Snow Covered Marshville

With an ever-expanding roster of Simulacrums joining the battle in Tower of Fantasy, more adventures will await players as Hotta Studio and Level Infinite pull back the curtains on the next major expansion, A Sword Dance of Ice, coming to the free-to-play, open-world MMORPG on PC and mobile devices.

Wanderers can look forward to a brand new boss and storyline in the 3.3 update. Xingtian, an infamous, high-ranking Darkness adversary, will be introduced as well. Many have been sacrificed in order to confine him to his dungeon prison, and now, Wanderers will have the chance to try their luck in battle to vanquish this foe. More story content is also on the way with Frost-Covered Marshville, where players will aid the people of the region of Marshville to break free from the Darkness and speed up the modification of the Infinite Sundial.

Marshville, once an abundant and vibrant land, has been transformed into a wintry tundra, afflicted with the most severe Darkness invasion yet. Within the territory lies two massive Black Jade Ruins, where many mysteries have been left unresolved for years. 

Central to the region is the Marshville Mansion, the office of the chief of the Baihu Guards and affiliated institutions. With the citizens of Marshville facing the toughest environments and harshest battles, the state government shoulders extremely important responsibilities. Other important sites in Marshville include the Tramway Terminal, facilitating transportation of resources and personnel in and out of Marshville, and The Department of Yuheng, which has been playing an increasingly crucial role in recent years by offering tactical guidance in the fight against the Darkness.

A Sword Dance of Ice, the next expansion for Tower of Fantasy will be launching on October 24.

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