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NBA Infinite behind-the-scenes: Meet the famous voices amplifying the game

The roar of the crowd, squeaking sneakers, and the bouncing of the ball are critical parts of the atmosphere of an NBA arena. Alongside, the high-energy analysis from seasoned commentators helps the audience understand the fast-paced game, while amplifying the drama and excitement of the moment.

To create an authentic experience, NBA Infinite features three big names manning the mics who should be familiar to basketball fans all over the world.

Players will hear ESPN’s play-by-play commentator Mark Jones, NBA Extra host Xavier Vaution from France, and Germany’s iconic basketball commentator Michael Körner, providing color commentary for NBA Infinite for English, French and German speaking players.

Mark Jones has been a familiar face to basketball fans and ESPN viewers since 1990. You’ve likely seen him on SportsCenter covering the NBA Finals in the ‘90s through to the late-2000s. He’s also covered games and stories for the WNBA and college basketball and is a regular commentator for the network’s NBA and college football broadcasts.

“It’s just like watching TV, where you listen to me calling the game.”

Xavier Vaution

Xavier Vaution is the voice for professional basketball in France, hosting beIN Sports’ NBA Extra and working as an NBA analyst for beIN since 2012, helping shape the network’s NBA coverage.

Michael Körner, a prominent basketball voice in Germany, has been commentating on the NBA since 1993, starting with VOX TV and later Sport1. He’s also the German commentator for EA Sports’ NBA Live 2000.

With the broadcasters accompanying players in the app, they help highlight strategic plays, and even make scoring a three-pointer in the final seconds of a game feel even more momentous.

Vaution says: “It’s just like watching TV, where you listen to me calling the game.”

NBA Infinite also captures the unique personalities of these play-by-play commentators; Jones provides his signature off-the-cuff observations to the action on the court, and Vaution’s booming voice rings through.

“Usually, I’m pretty emotional. I’m pretty loud.”

Michael Körner

“Usually I’m pretty emotional,” Körner says. “I’m pretty loud. So maybe sometimes in this commentary, there will be kind of emotional stuff or some funny words, some funny expressions.”

Lightspeed Studios, the developer behind NBA Infinite, scripted lines and reactions for a myriad of outcomes and in-game moments. This is made to help players feel like they’re in the action real-time with a professional play-by-play commentator.

“I hope my support helps the game feel authentic,” says Körner. “So that the people will listen to a commentator and recognize, ‘Oh, this guy knows something about basketball’. It’s realistic.”

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