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NExT Studios’ SYNCED Open Beta Available Now

With the successful conclusion of its Closed Beta testing earlier in the year, NExT Studios is excited to invite players from all over the world to dive into SYNCED with its Open Beta. Available from December 10 to January 15, the match-based rogue-looter will deliver both PvE and PvP experiences enhanced by the presence of the techo-creatures, Nanos.

Limited to the PC platform for now, the Open Beta is designed let PC players experience a large chunk of what the full release is able to offer. Whether it is taking down Nanos in high-octane PvE action, or going up against like-minded Runners in tense PvP combat, SYNCED has it all.

In terms of content, here’s what awaits players:

SYNCED Open Beta Content:

PvE – Dead Sectors

The Dead Sectors are crawling with seemingly endless hordes of Nanos. At the heart of each is a Tyrant, the big baddies at the very top of the Nano food chain. If control of these dark corners of the Meridian is lost, Haven and everyone in it will be facing certain extinction. Team up in Runner squads of three to hunt down and defeat Tyrant Nanos. Together, players will fight through surge-infested sectors to clear out corruption, gather resources, unlock special abilities, and upgrade their armband.

PvP – Nerva Run

Nerva Runs are a way of life for the bold Runner. Shinar’s automated Harvester drones are extracting Nerva from all across the Meridian, and a way to intercept and siphon them has been found. But with the fat commission Haven offers to those who bring in the blue stuff, players better be ready to claw their way over fellow Runners to earn their keep. Charge into the Meridian with the best team to capture the most Nerva. Use the nano companions and special abilities to intercept Harvesters, battle Goliath Nanos, and eliminate rival Runners before they get a chance to fight back.


It takes a special kind of crazy to willingly set foot inside the Meridian – and Haven is home to several individuals that fit the bill. Each has come for different reasons, but all are bound by dependence on Nerva. The SYNCED Open Beta includes:


A card shark and a hustler; Deadcut made a career out of gambling and guns. The Collapse actually saved his life, sweeping away his debts and landing him on his feet. With his trusty companion nano, Ace, Deadcut set out for the Meridian to find his fortune and himself.

Glory Zhao:

The days that followed the Collapse brought unspeakable hardship and grief, but they also stirred a noble vision in Glory Zhao. With her mother’s blessing, she set out from her small village in China to find the source of this ceaseless suffering, to end it once and for all.

Dr. Stone

Once a rural doctor in an underfunded district in the North of England, Dr. Montgomery Stone didn’t come to the Meridian for power, wealth, or for revenge. He’s looking for a cure. If he can find it, he can save the future, and start rectifying his past.


An experiment using this micro technology went horribly wrong and wiped out much of humanity, leaving behind only a small population. Now all the survivors must join forces to claim the Nerva left scattered on the battleground, and to do it, players will need to claim a Nano as their own. To survive, one must sync.

Nanos will come with their own strengths and weaknesses, and when low on health, they present an opportunity for players to sync with them, establishing control. Utilize the Nanos smartly in combat, and it might just be the edge to crush the opposition during the SYNCED Open Beta.

The Crusher will pound enemies into submission; Suppressors are perfect sentries and great for long-range cover. For those that prefer to lay low, the Guardians offer perfect cover with their shield abilities, while the Seer compliments tactical play, scouting out the enemy, detecting opponents early and using their devious decoy ability.

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