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Player Choice & Meta Changes Key to Addition of MK II Weapons to The Cycle: Frontier

The march towards Season 3 of The Cycle: Frontier continues, and YAGER is eager to showcase more of the changes that will make life much more exciting for Prospectors on Fortuna III starting on Mar. 29. The latest update brings significant changes to the weapons system, a crucial aspect of survival in The Cycle: Frontier.

Arrival of the Mark II Weapons:

The headlining addition is the arrival of MK II weapons, souped-up versions of existing weapons performing well for players in the current meta of The Cycle: Frontier. The MK II variations enhance the originals beyond just a quality jump, including increased power level, more attachment slots and others.  The caveat is they’re only found during drops onto Fortuna III, not purchased or crafted on Prospect Station.

Another difference is the new MK I categorization. The developers discovered certain weapons weren’t being used by players, including the powerful KARMA-1 sniper rifle or Zeus Beam LMG.  

The MK 1 variants of weapons are weaker, but more commonly available, in the hopes that Prospectors will use them more often in The Cycle: Frontier. Combat encounters will likely see lasers, missiles, and powerful long-range shots become a more common sight and helps the studio fine-tune the meta as players adjust strategies in-game.

The move to expand the weapon selection available to players will help plug gaps when it comes to quality and feasible weapon choices across the board. Prospectors are more likely to utilize both MK I and MK II weapons to survive, which should make for a more-entertaining PvPvE experience.

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