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YAGER Unveils Big Changes for the Prospect Station in The Cycle: Frontier

As the time draws nearer to the launch of Season 3 of YAGER‘s The Cycle: Frontier on Mar. 29 on Steam and the Epic Games Store, the team has been sharing more and more about what Prospectors can expect for the new dawn. Previous updates included a deep look at Free Loadout Runs as well as a look at the aerial threat that is the Howler, and now, it is time for the Prospect Station to get the spotlight in The Cycle: Frontier.

Space Works

The upcoming changes apply both aesthetically and functionally to the gameplay experience on the Prospect Station in The Cycle: Frontier.

As such, YAGER is set to introduce the following tweaks in Season 3:

  • Most buildings have been reworked and remodeled, creating a more enclosed but barebones space.
  • Addition above the store that directly connects to the landing pad.
  • Easier access to Osiris HQ with aesthetic additions.
  • Reworked the exterior area that leads to Private Quarters.
  • The central stores are tweaked to fit in with the rest of the station.
  • Changed the whole structure of the roof in the Prospect Station.
  • Rehaul of the ICA HQ and the area around it.

Beyond just the architectural changes, life itself is also about to get a boost on the Prospect Station in The Cycle: Frontier. There will be more faction NPCs milling about and engaging in activities related to them. This includes Prospector NPCs to help liven things up, captured Fortuna III creatures serving as the local wildlife, while scientists will be doing their part in studying the flora and fauna. Players can also visit the new crafting station operated by droids, or take in the busier landing pad now with hardworking crew members. The reworked lighting and presentation of the NPCs will crank the realism up a notch as well.

While the Prospect Station is about to get spruced up in The Cycle: Frontier, this is not the end of changes coming to the game. A future update will touch more on the tools of the trade, as YAGER prepares to dive into the realm of firearms.

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