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Race Into Stampede: Racing Royale Steam Playtest This July 27

Following its well-received reveal in June, Sumo Leamington and Secret Mode GamesStampede: Racing Royale will soon let players take a warm-up lap for the world’s wildest race. The 60-player battle royale on wheels will be holding its first Steam Playtest from July 27 to 31, welcoming racers from all around the world to the fun in Stampede: Racing Royale.

Players who successfully register will be able to get behind the wheel and drive headfirst into the fast-paced, chaotic races and battles of Stampede: Racing Royale for the first time. In total, there will be eight different race maps to try out, together with one battle arena to get more destructive.

For those looking to make their mark regardless of their race positions, there are more than 50 customization options on offer to stand out from the racing crowd. This is but an early taste of what is to come, with more tracks, arenas, and customization options currently in development.

The Steam Playtest of Stampede: Racing Royale is part of the teams’ commitment to listening to players. All players will receive a feedback form during the Playtest to provide their thoughts and suggestions, and highlight any bugs found in this early version of the game. This will help the developers to further refine the product and look into potential features that can make the fun even more intense.

With more Playtests to come, data will be reset between each one, so take note that progression and unlocked items will not carry over to future Playtests or Early Access of Stampede: Racing Royale. The game is set to launch into Early Access sometime in 2023, so be sure to get in early and check out what’s awaiting by heading over to the store page and requesting access before July 27 comes around.

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