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Sandbox MMORPG Tarisland Set for PC & Mobile Launch

MMORPG players will have something new and exciting to look forward to in 2023, with Locojoy Games’ Tarisland targeting both the PC and mobile platforms for release to bring players together in more ways than one.

“Essentially, Tarisland is a mobile MMO. In order to cater to users who prefer PC, we are launching a PC version that fully utilizes the advantages of PC performance, providing players with an ultimate team battle experience in terms of visuals and controls. At the same time, players can also enjoy the game on the go through the mobile version,” shared the studio.

Featuring a range of biomes rich in culture, a variety of fully customizable classes, and a vast world to explore as players carve their own path through this world, a rich and compelling story will unfold as players progress through the game.

At the birth of the universe, it is said that there were three primordial gods, Leith, Acheron and Moira. They were mysteriously linked to the beginning and end of the planets, only with different values and points of view – until life was created on a planet called Taris, sparking the Triangular Conflict. Unless the threat posed by Acheron can be stopped, Taris will fall.

Tarisland is an original IP, where the vast continent has ancient gods, diverse races, and intricate civilizations entwined in endless conflicts and complexities. It is an adventure in search of truth, a challenge that requires players to unravel destiny’s enigma with wisdom and courage, embarking on a grand journey of salvation,” the team said.

It is set against this backdrop that players will embark on their adventure in Tarisland. Wherever they set their sights, they can go in Tarisland’s massive game world. Different biomes, environments and civilizations, each with their own culture, provide a rich playground filled with different races, from the popular to the unknown. A variety of 10 different game modes offer new quests and ways for players to explore all corners of Taris’ diverse and enthralling world in the MMORPG, including raids and dungeons that will satisfy those looking for a deep and immersive experience.

“In the world of Tarisland, players’ choices will shape the course of the entire world. You will have the freedom to choose your own path, shaping your own destiny, whether it’s conquering profound dungeons or facing mighty ancient gods. Here, every choice, every decision, will decide your second life,” added the Tarisland team.

Players can choose from nine different classes, each of which is fully customizable giving them the flexibility to tailor their character to their own preferences and individual playstyles. Having shaped their character, players can join a team to take part in fierce, action-packed boss battles in one of the many raids in Tarisland. Only through clever use of strategy and the combined skills of the team can each challenge be overcome and rich rewards obtained.

Progression in Tarisland is based on a seasonal system, offering new PvE content and new PvP challenges. Players will be able to catch up between seasons, allowing everyone to start questing together at the beginning of a season. As the team shared, each season will bring “new dungeons, storyline quests, missions, an increased level cap, new equipment, and a new gameplay mode” that are available to all to enjoy.

Tarisland is also aiming to build a fair ecosystem for players, with a “very important design principle” of “no attribute-enhancing items” made for sale throughout the MMORPG’s lifetime to ensure parity based on progress alone. Adventurers can also play anytime and anywhere, as the mobile and PC versions allow full cross-progression and cross-play.

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