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Stampede: Racing Royale Accelerates Into Third Steam Playtest

The 60-player karting mayhem that is Sumo Leamington and Secret Mode Games‘ Stampede: Racing Royale is back for more, as eager players will get another chance to test their mettle on the tracks with the game’s third Steam Playtest running until October 15.

Players can expect to see all of the content and tracks from previous Steam Playtests return for this round of fun, along with more tweaks and bug fixes that were worked on thanks to player feedback provided in the previous testing. While there may not be new content to look forward to this time around, players can rest assured that the team is hard at work on generating even more to see and play with when the actual Early Access launch rolls about on November 2.

“When Early Access begins, we’ll be rolling out a host of brand new features and content including Seasons, special events, challenges, new customisation items, and much more. We’ll be sharing full details and first looks later this month,” shared the team.

The majority of work for this playtest has been focused on resolving more community-reported performance and gameplay issues, so a smoother experience will likely be the case for racers jumping in. This includes fixes to matchmaking to have more live players in matches, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese languages being supported, while technical problems like connection failures should no longer be an issue.

On the tracks, homing projectiles will now have better accuracy and a shortened lock-on time, with a reticle color change from green to red to indicate a successful lock on an enemy. A bug involving the same power-up has also been eradicated, while battle mode events will now see both this power-up as well as shields be part of the rotation.

Players can now head to Steam to join the Stampede: Racing Royale playtest, while issues in the game can be reported using the official form to ensure speedy attention from the developers.

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